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Bandit Chippers Gear
Bandit Chippers Gear

Share Your Bandit Pride.

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Welcome to Bandit Industries, Inc.'s online gear store!

Known world-wide for its exceptional customer service, Bandit Industries, Inc., ® brings that SAME service to the online e-commerce gear store. 

Whether you need hats, shirts, fun stuff or trade show items (for dealers), has you covered.   You can also find coolers & coozies, stuffed tiy raccoons, and make-your-own chipper kits for kids of all ages. Ordering is easy, and Bandit offers a wide-range of delivery options. 

In-stock items are typically shipped the same or next day after you place your order. 

Thank you for visiting, shopping and supporting Bandit Industries, Inc.  To learn more about Bandit®, go to 


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